Shafaqat Special & Inclusive School

As there was no school or care center for specially challenged children in the Valley, VMS decided to pave the way by starting a special school for such children. With firm footing and dedication, we have attended to those in need by offering therapy, training, exercise, interaction, and specially tailored education since 1995.

The objective of the institution is to meet the unique needs of those enrolled, who otherwise are often neglected due to societal stigma. We work to impart training, to develop the conceptual understanding of basic reading and writing skills, social and communication skills development, understanding time and money, training for daily tasks such as grooming, dressing, feeding, etc, and community orientation.


  • 296 students have been enrolled in Shafaqat Special School from 1995 till date, of which 225 students achieved the goals set by the staff.
  • 780 children registered for home program based interventions.
  • 20 students were able to enter into main stream schooling.
  • 27 students enrolled for formal education in Shafaqat Inclusive School.
  • 110 students were trained for various skills under the Skill Development Training Program.
  • More than 3000 speech and hearing impaired individuals have been benefited by the speech and audiology department.


  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Auditory and Speech Training
  • Developmental Therapy
  • Vocational Training
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Inclusive Education

It is provided to children with physical impairments and restricted mobility using different manual and mechanical techniques and aids.

To assess the functional abilities and limitations of the child and focuses on enhancement of residual functional skills through fine and gross motor development to facilitate activities of daily living.

We utilise certain manual and technical devices to develop listening skills and impart training for appropriate speech production.

The following state-of-the-art equipment are available in the institute that are used to record and assess the hearing loss in children with hearing impairment:

I. Brain stem evoked response audiometer (BERA)
II. Pure tone audiometer (PTA)
III. Doctor Speech
IV. Speech Trainer
V. Computer
VI. Group Hearing Aid.

This helps in determining the appropriate intervention through hearing aids to make optimum use of residual hearing of the child.

It aims at the holistic development of the infant or young child in communication, thinking and motor skills through the use of intervention techniques like neuro-development treatment, postural management, counseling and exercise therapy.

Courses such as commercial art, baskets making, henna art, glass painting, fabric paint, and basic computer training are conducted for enrolled children above the age of 14 by trained professionals so as to enhance their earning and productive skills. The items produced by the children have been exhibited at various commercial/educational Institutions in the past. The people are impressed by the art developed by the Special Children.

It involves the participation of students in various sports and games for healthy development of mind and body, besides enhancing their interests and learning through fun. The students are encouraged to participate in special sports at the state and national level in collaboration with Special Olympics Bharat.

Out of these Special Children whose I.Q improves as a result of Special Education are enrolled in “Inclusive School” for taking formal education along with special needs depending upon individual’s requirement. The School is registered with the education department of J&K government up to the 8th standard.

VMS is the only Society which provides inclusive education of this nature in the whole of state of J&K.

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