Voluntary Medicare Society

The Society, with its forty years of experience in the field, came to realize that a physically or mentally challenged person cannot be restored to a condition where from s/he can live independently and resume normal life without comprehensive post health care management. The turmoil of the last twenty years in the state has also lead to a substantial increase in various kinds of disabilities which deserve special attention.

This lead to the formation of Shafaqat School in 1995, which became fully functional in 2000. The children are admitted in the school after a proper medical check-up and assessment as to the type and degree of their disability by specialized physiotherapists and special educators. At present, 68 such children are enrolled, and about 250 children attend on an out-patient basis in various sections of the school, such as physiotherapy, speech, special education, and occupational therapy. During winter vacations, the school’s staff conduct community-based rehabilitation programs at the residences of these children.


Shafaqat Rehabilitation Center

......a full-fledged rehabilitation building which has a gym, physical therapy section, prayer room, dining hall, patient beds, pharmacy......


Shafaqat Special & Inclusive School

..... a special school for mentally or physically challenged children is run by the Voluntary Medicare Society. The foundation stone of the school was laid.....

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